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Welcome to my website where I will be showcasing all of my models, animations and anything else that I create so that everyone can see it.

Updates may seem a bit irregular, but hopefully I can put up a completed project or, at least, work in progress pictures of something I'm working on at least twice a year as a minimum.

Latest News

February 2013
LEGOŽ Models

LEGOŽ model of a snowbroom Tram The main update is another finished model built from LEGOŽ bricks. Again, on the theme of trams, this is a freelance model of a snowbroom tram. Again, this tram is a static model with a display plinth that resmebles a snowy section of street. To see the pictures and for more information, click here or navigate the menu to the left.

The second update, is just to mention that since the last update, my LEGOŽ model of a Blackpool Coronation has appeared at two public model shows. These were at the Crich Tramway Village Models Weekend on the 20th and 21st October 2012 and also at the Stafford Model Railway Exhibition on the 2nd and 3rd February 2013. Hopefully my LEGOŽ trams will make an appearance at other shows again in the future.

If you have any questions or just want to give me feedback on anything I've done, I'll be happy to hear from you. I hope you enjoy viewing my creations.

Contact me by email. Just click here.

News Archive

October 2012
LEGOŽ model of a Blackpool Coronation Tram LEGOŽ model of a warehouse Completed a LEGOŽ model of a Blackpool Coronation car to a scale of approximately O gauge (7mm = 1 foot), complete with a display plinth. More information found here.

July 2012
Completed a small scene in a warehouse built from LEGOŽ bricks, where a forklift truck has accidently reversed into some shelves. More information found here.

Christmas Themed Necrons Christmas Themed Necrons December 2011
Another 2 Christmas themed Necrons completed. The first one is another Necron Warrior, and the other is a Necron Flayed One, both of which can be found here. This update includes an improved navigation for the Christmas Necron page so you don't have to read the whole page every time I make a new figure.

Christmas Themed Necron Warrior and Snow-cron Flayed One 2011 Work In Progress Work In Progress - LEGOŽ 'Loyds Toys' Toy Shop Also added work in progress images of the above mentioned Christmas themed necrons to the relevant work in progress page here.

March 2011
More progress on my LEGOŽ model of "Lloyds Toys", starting on the middle floor, which can be seen here.

February 2011
Work In Progress - LEGOŽ 'Loyds Toys' Toy Shop Work In Progress - Clevedon Clocktower Google SketchUp Drawing Continued progress with my LEGOŽ model of the toy shop I used to work in, "Lloyds Toys". More information found here.

January 2011
Work in progress of a digital rendition of the Clocktower in Clevedon Triangle drawn in Google SketchUp uploaded here.

Decmeber 2010
Christmas Themed Necrons Four-wheeled Slat-sided Milk Van The third Christmas themed Necron warrior completed and uploaded to the Christmas Themed Necrons section here.

The first N Gauge wagon, a four-wheeled slat-sided milk van in GWR Brown livery completed and uploaded here.

October 2010
Work In Progress - Christmas Themed Necrons 'Lloyds Toys' Lorry Work in progress of the third Christmas themed Necron warrior uploaded to the Christmas Necrons Work In Progress section here.

August 2010
A lorry based on an official LEGOŽ set, built as a display model to go in the cabinet in Lloyds Toys and Models in Weston-super-Mare, uploaded here.

July 2010
Work In Progress - 'Loyds Toys' Toy Shop Work In Progress - Space Marine vs Orks Diorama Started a new project, a model of the toy shop I currently work in, "Lloyds Toys and Models", built from LEGOŽ bricks to approximately Minifig scale. Progress here.

The first bit of painting on my Space Marine vs Orks Diorama started, although slow to progress.

April 2010
Work In Progress - Space Octan Fuel Tanker Work In Progress - Barbed Wire Barricade Slow progress being made on a Space Fuel Tanker built from LEGOŽ bricks, no work in progress pictures at the moment though.

The Barbed Wire Barricade and the first Ork for my Space Marine vs Orks Diorama have been primed black ready for painting.

February 2010
Necron Warrior Colour Test Christmas Themed Necrons Colouring test for a basic colour scheme for a Necron army consisting of a basic silver body with dark red shoulders and spine uploaded here.

December 2009
The second Christmas themed Necron warrior completed and uploaded to the Christmas Themed Necrons section here.

December 2008
Christmas Themed Necrons Ghostly Giggles Episode 2 The first Christmas themed Necron warrior completed and uploaded to the Christmas Themed Necrons section here.

May 2007
First attempt at lip syncing animated characters, two ghosts discuss life before death. Watch the video here.

September 2006
Scurvey Seadogs Pirate Promo 1 Gum The second Brickfilm I've made. This animation was created to promote International Talk Like A Pirate Day on the 19th of September. Watch the video here.

August 2006
The first stop motion animation I made using LEGOŽ bricks. Due to this, it isn't the best quality and there's no sound, but you can watch it here.

August 2005
Chalkboard Chuckles Episode 1 Ghostly Giggles Episode 1 The second animation I created, this is based on the scribblings on a chalkboard, so you don't actually get to see the main characters, but the effect is quite good. Watch the video here.

April 2005
The first animation I made. Each frame was hand drawn and then scanned into the computer, and being the first, the quality isn't the best and there's no sound or colour. Watch the video here.

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